Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When more immediate visibility is needed for your website, popular search engines also offer Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaings. An infinate number of search engine marketing campaigns can be setup according to your desired keywords and terms, and the target market can also be segmented according to specific geographic areas, demographic profiles and particular genres. Unlike traditional advertising such as print, radio and TV, PPC campaigns can be tracked and adjusted in near real-time to maximize response. For many companies that do not derive their sales primarily from the web, PPC can be costly if proper offline tracking isn't performed. BIGideas can help you navigate the complex world of PPC campaigns achieve better marketing intelligence.

Similar to a Search Engine Optimization initiative, planning a Search Engine Marketing program through providers such as Google AdWordsBing Advertising or Yahoo! Search Marketing begins with a clear understanding of the world of keywords and terms your prospects use when searching for products and services. Get it right and you'll see your traffic increase dramatically, get it wrong and your campaign will be stuck in neutral. Search Engine Marketing in the form of sponsored links and pay-per-click campaigns can be simple or highly sophisticated.

Search Engine Marketing can be as easy as creating one ad linked to your homepage that appears on a search engine's results page using a handful of keywords or phrases, and scale up to multiple ads across many different content networks in rotation directing visitors to a separate landing page on your site to bring them to the content they desire faster. Add to this the ability to target your ads to certain geographic areas and demographics and you can see why more and more companies are moving significant portions of their advertising budgets to the web because the ROI is more quantifiable.

Often, were asked the question of whether a client should put all of their pay-per-click budget into one or many different search engines. The answer is as simple as, your results speak for themselves. It is impossible to know beforehand which search engine and which keywords are going to generate the most ROI for your business. Therefore, BIGideas recommends casting a wide net across multiple pay-per-click providers and slowing zero-in on the ones that are the most cost-effective. Afterall, there is no reason to pay more than you have to in order to get someone to visit your website. Especially when the bid price for the same phrase is higher or lower on one search engine versus another.

BIGideas can help you choose the most effective keywords for your business, and develop a bidding strategy that maximizes your budget. Everyone wants top positioning in sponsored links, but the reality is that you may exceed your desired daily budget quickly and miss capturing more prospects. Likewise, a bid for position that is too low may mean that your ad is never seen. With BIGideas managing your campaigns, you can be assured that the performance will be continually watched and adjusted as needed to meet your needs.