Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is big business today and has move well beyond just adding a couple of META keywords and description tags. As a matter of fact, some of the most popular search engines even ignore them all together. Top positioning in organic search results is the technological equivalent of trench warefare with competitors duking it out one page rank at a time. Any effective SEO strategy begins with the written word, and the most effective use of keywords to make results relevant to your market. BIGideas can help you craft thoughtful copy that takes into consideration where you business is headed today and tomorrow.

If your website is in need of improved search engine results, BIGideas can help. Any Search Engine Optimization initiative should begin with a thorough understanding of your market and how it is viewed from the position of its customers and prospects. This includes developing a prioritized list of keywords and terms that are most likely to be used by prospects when looking for your products and/or services. If you use non-standard terms or internal jargon, chances are you will not receive the increase in traffic you desire. Many clients have trade names that they use to describe their products. And while you may celebrate your top position using these phrases, chances are that you are missing traffic because most people search using generic terms. The pitfall most companies fall into is assuming that prospects think just like they do, when in reality that is usually far from the case.

Once a strategy and effective terms have been established, each page of your website should be logically organized for ease of navigation among both visitors and search engines. Likewise, the file name (URL) of each page is equally as important, and should use the most appropriate keyword or term that is likely to be searched by prospects. To help maintain the page rank of any page that has been renamed or removed, BIGideas uses 301 Redirects which sends visitors and search engines to the new appropriate page.

After the site has been properly organized and each page named appropriately, it is time for a review of the page structure (HTML code) and content to ensure it is able to be indexed by search engines and contains each of the terms with enough frequency for relevance. Other important factors that BIGideas considers are the quality and quantity of internal and external links, alternative text for each image for visually-impaired visitors as well as search engines, and all other HTML tags that reinforce your desired keywords and terms.

Once your website has been optimized from the top-down, it is time to submit it to the search engines and track the results. Often it takes weeks or months for an entire website to be re-indexed based on the number of pages, but progress can be easily tracked using a tool such as Google Analytics. If your business is in need of more immediate traffic to fill in the gap, we recommend using Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing programs to help you achieve your goals.